The ultimate guide to making the perfect nourish bowl:

My legs look really bizarre and totally out of proportion here but I can assure you it’s just my photography skills, or lack thereof.

I love nourish bowls- they’re epic fancy pants salad bowls and you can go crazy and get so creative with them, there are no set rules so I just chuck in anything and you get this amazing festival of flavours with every bite you take. I’m not going to provide an exact recipe for this because I literally just free styled it, as that’s my way to do things in the kitchen but I just wanted to give some inspo and give you some ideas as to what to include in yours! What I will do, however is give you the formula for the perfect nourish bowl every time- so this will be the epic guide to nourish bowls; everything you need to know.

This particular creation one I wanted the focus to be on gut health so that’s why I added the sauerkraut (great for the gut because it packs a punch of probiotics) and lots of veggies to increase the fibre which also maintains a healthy digestive system.

So- here’s the formula:

  • The base of your bowl- choose your preferred greens; here I used kale and spinach (rare for me because too much raw spinach and kale is not ideal as they are goitrogenic, meaning they can disrupt thyriod function, but occasionally it’s fine and I just fancied it today so listened to my cravings). I massaged the kale (sounds weird, i know) but it just helps to break down the cell walls, giving our good old digestive system a helping hand. Usually I use iceberg lettuce, rocket, mixed lettuce- any type of greens is perfecto.
  • The carb- in this instance I had my brown and red rice in my soup which I had on the side but usually I would put my quinoa or rice in the bowl with the greens. It’s really important to include a complex carb to ensure steady release of energy in the hours after you eat it. You could even include cold potatoes (as they have more resistant starch therefore are slower to digest then hot ones!) or sweet potatoes, whatever tickles your fancy!
  • The protein- I had some poached chicken in the fridge which i made yesterday so popped a bit of that in there for my lean protein source. I also made some spiced chickpeas because I had a pack in the cupboard which needed using up so I just popped them in a pan with some coconut oil, cumin, salt, pepper and smoked paprika. You can add whatever protein source you fancy- salmon, quinoa (also a carb), tofu, tuna etc etc..
  • The veggies- I try to get lots of colour in my nourish bowls because variety in the diet is so important and we eat with our eyes- there is nothing less appetising than a bowl of green salad leaves, we need to juj it up (not sure if thats how you spell it) by adding at least 2 other colours. I’m loving red cabbage at the mo, so I put a little bit of that in and then some peppers and tomatoes for vit c and lycopenes (lycopenes can help reduce sun damage to the skin and as we are coming into summer this is quite important!)
  • The dressing- I’m loving my tahini, ACV, olive oil and smoked paprika dressing right now; it’s so creamy and I love the flavour smoked paprika gives. But equally you could just use a store bought dressing, oil and vinegar, or oil and lemon juice is really nice, too.

So there we have it- the default formula for the perfect nourish bowl. What’s great about these is you can prep the carbs and proteins on a Sunday night to last you most of the week then you can just make slightly different variations throughout the week so you don’t end up eating the same brown rice broccoli and chicken everyday for lunch, which is the most boring and bland meal ever. Eating healthy should be really enjoyable, fun and make you feel fantastic! So try this out and go get creative!!


My soup-er sustainable recipe/hack:

I hate wasting food. It’s one of my pet peeves.

Its not only terrible for the environment (which we really need to start looking after more and be more environmentally friendly) but it’s also basically throwing money in the bin, which is really quite dumb. At the end of the week or just before you need to stock up on food you have the random fresh produce that aint so fresh anymore, just hangin about in your fridge not looking as appetizing as when you purchased them. I know, its tempting to chuck it all in the bin and say no more about it but 9 times out of 10 the food will still be okay to eat, you just need to think outside the box and get creative! Yesterday I had this exact predicament, I had loads of random veggies that needed using up and I was determined to create something yummy and healthy with them, it was so easy too: I just chucked all my leftover veggies in a pan with some sauteed onions, garlic and veggie stock powder and let it simmer away until cooked. I added some mixed dried herbs and some slightly wilted coriander and blended it all up in a nutribullet until smooth. There’s no set recipe for this which is what makes it super fun because you’ll end up with a different combo everytime you do it as you’ll have different stuff left over- you can experiment with different herbs and spices and different veggies and get really creative.

I also added a green superfood powder (kiki organic superfood powder) for an added boost of goodness and you can’t even taste it which is such a winner (this is a great sneaky hack for kids or people who aren’t keen on eating healthy because you can hide extra nutrients like some secret nutrient ninja). I cooked up some brown and red rice (you can use any grain; think quinoa, barley, cous cous etc) and poached some chicken to add to the soup because if I just had soup for my meal it would fill me up for about 10 mins then I’d be eyeing up a sneaky snack afterwards. Next week I think I’ll use bone broth as the stock (you can buy this in most supermarkets) for extra gut healing goodness and protein.

So, there you have it- an easy, cheap life hack to use up leftovers to create delicious, nutritious and wholesome meals! The soup lasts in the fridge for about 3 days- or you could freeze it in portions, you can also take this to the office or to work with you and heat it up at lunchtime, just remember if you do have rice in it to make sure its heated up till its piping hot because rice can give you really nasty food poisoning if you don’t heat it well enough.

Enjoy- and let’s try together and produce less food waste- our planet will thank us.

My top tips for glowing skin:

We all want glowing dewy looking skin without having to use copious amounts of liquid highlighter mixed into foundation to fake ‘that dewy glow’. Sadly, I am not one of those people who is blessed with beautiful acne free clear skin and for me personally what I eat and drink has a profound effect upon the appearance of my skin and my breakouts.

You know exactly who you are if you are one of those stupendously lucky people who have super clear skin even if you eat crap and drink loads of prosecco and wine, so avert your eyes now because this blog post aint for you. Or you might want to get even better skin than you already do so in that case stick around to read my top foods and drinks to promote healthy looking skin.

*Disclaimer- I am not trying to advertise these foods or the brands, these are just the products I use personally because I like them and I notice a difference in my skin when I use them. I know that we are all unique and individuals so what works for me may not work for you but these are foods that are recognized for their skin clearing properties. This is all anecdotal too and I am just relaying what helps my skin improve, and with many of the things i suggest there just is not enough research to prove or disprove anything so don’t take my word as bible!!!

1) WATER- I know, I know BORING *yawn* we have heard it all before blah blah change the record, But, seriously it is uber important (plus it means you aren’t dehydrated which can be mistaken for hunger and then means you reach for the biscuit tin). We are about 50% water, we are basically water and nitrogen, carbon etc with emotions, meaning we need to keep replenishing our water supply. Herbal teas count and so does green tea which is a great source of antioxidants and also has appetite suppressing compounds meaning it will keep your hunger pangs in check. Antioxidants are essential for glowing skin because they fight free radicals within the body which slows down the aging process making you look youthful and beautiful. I try and aim for 2L minimum per day and i’m so used to drinking so much water now that I feel as thought I cant function properly without it.

2) Avocado’s- I have been obsessed with these bad boys for years now, sadly I over ate them and seemed to give myself an intolerance to them; they made my belly really sore and triggered my IBS. But, I cut them out for a while and then reintroduced them into my diet slowly (I was eating mammoth sized avo’s every day) and I can eat them again now without getting awful belly ache for the few days after. YAY. I love avo’s for a number of reasons – they’re a great source of healthy fats which helps keep you full, satiated & satisfied for longer after eating. Healthy fats are essential for skin health if your after that youthful glow.

3) Cinnamon: it’s such an underrated superfood! It’s also very cheap and accessible for everyone. And it tastes delicious. Cinnamon is great at balancing blood sugar levels which is extremely important to prevent spikes as we really do not want to wreak havoc with our blood sugar levels; we want them nice and steady. It is also antibacterial which is ideal if you suffer from acne, it promotes blood flow and brings blood flow further towards the surface of the skin making it plump and youthful. Personally, I just feel like cinnamon improves the appearance of my skin and gives it a great glow, and it is something that if you like the taste of is so easy to get into your diet- I sprinkle it on apples with nut butter, or roast my sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon or add it to turmeric lattes or my a.m. coffee.

4) Apple cider vinegar (ACV) make sure you get the one with ‘the mother’ because it has all the beneficial enzymes and bacteria to promote good gut health. I’m not quite sure as to why this helps my skin so much but I consume it every day- in dressings or as a shot with cayenne pepper, lemon & fresh ginger (this really helps if your constipated- you’ll be sorted in no time). I also love it because I love strong flavors, I absolutely douse my salad in it. The use of ACV for health goes back years and years and it’s long been recognized as a remedy for random ailments. I find that it improves my digestion but do not consume it on an empty stomach and if you really for some odd reason want to start your day with it (probs because you have read thats what the VS models do) then dilute it with some warm water and lemon and it won’t make you want to vomit.

5) Coconut oil- I know there’s not enough research been done on coconut oil as it is relatively new in our diets and it is kind of a fad. Personally, I really like it; I like the taste of it and I cook in it quite a lot, I use it on salads or put a little bit in a turmeric latte (I love the Kiki health turmeric and I order it online from Dolphin Fitness, it is the nicest tasting turmeric!!!) because I find that adding some source of fat to my food and drinks keeps me feeling fuller for longer and really keeps my appetite in check, this in turn prevents me from snacking too much or getting ravenous between meals. When I eat more ‘good’ fat (and I’m not saying I eat lots of fat because I don’t consume lots of one food group I make sure to keep a very balanced diet because that is the key to a good diet IMO) I find my skin really really improves and I see a direct improvement in my skins appearance- this may be because my overall diet is healthy and low in processed and sugary foods which will promote not only skin health but overall health.

6) Anything fermented- yoghurt, kefir, ACV, sauerkraut, miso, probiotics (again I love the Kiki health ‘bodybiotics’, Kiki Health are one of my fave brands for health foods). Gut health is everywhere atm it’s massive and people won’t stop banging on about it… for good reason. There’s so much emerging evidence that a healthy gut= a healthy you and I think we will all be surprised at upcoming research with regard to just how vital a healthy gut with a really diverse microbiome is (i’m not going to go into it now but I might do a post on it because its such a fascinating topic). I feel that when my gut is happy and healthy and my ibs is in check (gross but.. if your having regular bowel movements and checking it against bristol stool scale and it’s looking what it should look like then your probably good) that my skins better and I feel better overall (most importantly) better within myself (i.e. better energy levels, not getting poorly or catching colds, and sleeping better).

7)Wash your pillow cases/ change them regularly: this is not to do with food but is so important, your pillow case gets gross and dirty and you rub your face all over it so if it’s not super clean it won’t be doing your skin any favours. (Lazy gal laundry hack- flip it over then you don’t have to do as much washing)

8)Make sure you wash your face properly and have a good consistent skin care routine. I love origins products and have recently got into a good habit with skin care and make sure i wash my face really thoroughly because i defo wasn’t before and since I have been doing that I have also seen an improvement in the texture of my skin and far less blackheads.

9)Use a sunscreen…I cannot stress this one enough! I use origins spf35 everyday under my make up or on its own because it gives a lovely finish to the skin. This tip is so important and I don’t think people really understand how much damage the sun does to our skin; the UVB rays are responsible for sun burn and the UVA rays are responsible for aging the skin (B for burning, A for aging) and the UVA rays penetrate through clouds so in the winter you still get sun damage to skin!! If we were never exposed to the sun we probably wouldn’t wouldn’t show wrinkles till about 80 years old! Having said that, we need a little sunlight so that our bodies can make vitamin D- so it is about finding that balance (as with everything); so for example…on holiday maybe have 10 mins of sun exposure in the a.m. before you slap on your sun block- this way you can ensure your body’s getting the precursor 7-dehydrocholesterol to make vit D (cholecalciferol).

10) Accept that some days your skin doesn’t look as radiant as others- this could be due to a myriad of factors; you are due on your period and your hormones are all over the shop (this makes a huge difference and usually within like 2 days my skin improves after a flare up), you’ve had a bad diet for the last few weeks and its caught up with you, you’ve drank too much alcohol etc. For me anyway, these antics always show in my skin and I feel it looks almost dull in appearance if i’ve fallen off the wagon a bit and had one too many dominos (yes i eat dominos and takeways sometimes and don’t deprivie myself of them because i’d be miserable eating my kale salad whilst i really was craving pizza).

11) If you suffer from dark eye bags or slightly grey looking undereyes I find that eating lots of green leafy veggies help massively; they literally disappear and you don’t look knackered all the time anymore. Green leafy veg are a source of vitamin K which is involved with blood coagulation and circulation, and poor circulation can be a reason for dark under eye areas therefore consuming vit k foods can actually help to brighten under eye areas. You don’t need fancy eye creams or touche eclat when you can just eat your greens instead, plus you’ll get a whole host of other benefits by upping your green veggie intake so it’s a no brainer!

12) Omega 3’s are your new best mate. Omega 3’s are a family of unsaturated fatty acids that we need to obtain from our diet, hence why they are called essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Omega 3’s have the first double bond at the third carbon in the hydrocarbon chain, we must get these from our diet as the human body cannot create a bond before the 9th carbon in the hydrocarbon chain. You can get omega 3 from plant sources such as walnuts, flax seeds (linseeds) and chia seeds but your body needs to convert them from alpha linolenic acid (ALA) to Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) or Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the conversion rate is thought to be more efficient in women than in men but the rate of conversion is still not known exactly. You can get EPA & DHA from fish and fish oils (cod liver oil and salmon), also from algae (seaweed- sprirulina and chlorella). As a rule of thumb I don’t like to rely on plant sources for my omega 3’s because i’m not sure how efficient my body is at converting them so I focus on cod liver oil (i use the eskimo supplement and I get it on amazon) or salmon. Omega 3 is known as ‘the beauty fat’; it helps make the skin glow and is anti inflammatory so helps reduce redness too. One known factor to affect the conversion rate is eating too much omega 6 which is another EFA that we do need but in small amounts- in the western diet we tend to eat too much omega 6 which can be inflammatory and reduce the conversion rate of ALA –> EPA & DHA.

13)Don’t presume that you have to cut out lots of foods in order to get great skin. I like to focus on what you can add into your diet as opposed to thinking negatively about all the things you ‘can’t have anymore’. Instead, focus on the abundance of wholefoods that you can include in your diet and all the amazing ways you can experiment with them e.g. focus on adding more colour into your diet- red, green, purple, orange: this will make your food more aesthetically enticing because we eat with our eyes so our food has got to be colorful and appetizing!

Please remember- these are all in the context of a healthy overall diet paired with moderate exercise so if you suddenly consume an avo a day but still eat crap the rest of the time you are unlikely to reap the benefits. It’s not just one thing that gives you great skin- it’s loads of aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle interacting to give rise to the happiest, healthy & sexiest you!

ps, remember: if you do suffer from oily acne prone skin here’s a silver lining: you won’t get wrinkles as early as someone without oily skin because your skins not dry so you will look youthful for way longer!!

Until next time,



Recipe 2: Super Speedy Paella

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being involved in a corporate wellness event for the staff at the university I attend. I was involved in the interactive food station where me and a friend on my course (who also has an amazing blog- check it out it’s called ‘fresh, fab & fit’) made vegan paella and were giving away goodie bags with the recipe in and the ingredients to make it at home. It was a wonderful experience which I feel so blessed to have been a part of. Our paella went down a treat and we only had positive feedback, people couldn’t believe it was plant based, either- I did think some chorizo wouldn’t go a miss so I’m going to put that in the recipe as I think it gives such an incredible flavour but don’t feel you have to add it in- like with all my recipes use them as a template, try different combos and feel free to comment down below if you try something a bit different and it turns out really well! Happy cooking!

You will need:

  • Paella rice
  • Stock cube
  • Olive Oil
  • Chopped onions
  • Garlic or garlic paste
  • Smoked paprika
  • Saffron
  • Red pepper
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Fresh tomatoes chopped up
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Water (i don’t know exact amounts think I used about 150/200ml and added it slowly as and when)
  • Salt & pepper
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Chorizo/ prawns/chicken (optional
  1. Chop the onions into small pieces and sautee in olive oil until soft, add garlic or garlic paste and cook for a further minute or so. Add smoked paprika, salt and pepper then add the rice (I used about 1/3 of the bag- if you add more you’ll just need more water), stock, water and saffron and let it simmer for about 10 mins
  2. Add some tinned tomatoes- maybe about half the can and simmer for a further 5 mins.
  3. The timings aren’t fully accurate as honestly I just used my initiative and kept cooking and tasting the rice till it was soft- then I added the veggies (peppers, green beans, tomatoes and peas) and kept stirring every now and then until they were cooked, don’t cook them for too long because they’ll go mushy and gross- unless you like it like that in which case cook them to your hearts content!
  4. Lastly I added some fresh lemon juice- this is essential because it makes the dish complete and tastes amazing!! (If you want to add chorizo: fry it off separately and add at the same time as you add the veg)

Super Easy, Healthy & Quick Weekday Meal Inspo Recipe 1: Sweet potato, spinach & chickpea curry

I’m going to do some recipe posts so you guys can see how easy, quick and cheap it is to make healthy and wholesome meals (tip- cook in bulk or double the portions and freeze it or keep in the fridge for up to 4 days).

Todays recipe is sweet potato and spinach curry w/ chickpeas (or you can add chicken or salmon- whatever tickles your fancy) & it is one of my go to’s- its so easy, requires next to no cooking skills and pretty minimal ingredients- you can also chuck in whatever veggies you have that you want to use up so it’s a great using-up-random-stuff-in-the fridge-at-the-end-of-the-week-kinda-meal.

You will need: 3 or 4 sweet potatoes chopped up, half a bag of spinach, 1 tbs of coconut oil (or any cooking oil), a stock cube, about 200ml boiling water (or coconut milk/ cream- if you want it coconutty and creamy), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 large red onion, bit of fresh ginger, cumin, dried coriander, turmeric (or you could just get curry powder- aldi does a great one) and chickpeas/ chicken / whatever protein you fancy- go crazy and experiment (or just use up whatever you have because wasting food is not cool).

What to do: Sautee the onions, garlic with ginger in oil and add salt and pepper until cooked/ soft (add the garlic after ginger and onion because it burns easily). add in the herbs ans spices or the curry powder and mix until a paste forms. Add the chopped sweet potato, the stock cube and water (or coconut milk), simmer and watch the magic happen. Your watery sweet potato broth will turn into a sexy, silky curry thanks to the starch leaking out of the sweet potatoes and thickening it, thank me later.

You can keep adding your liquid of choice if it looks too thick for your liking, I always use coconut cream with water or rebel kitchen blue mylk- its super thick and creamy and just delicious. After about 25 mins the curry should be ready but just taste a piece of the potato and see what you think. If its soft then add your spinach and cooked chickpeas- at this stage I just add whatever I have, peas are nice in it or kale and tomatoes give a pop of colour. This curry is nice served with brown rice or quinoa for extra fibre and protein, with coriander on top of course (leave it out if you don’t like it) And there you have it- a super easy, satisfying and healthy curry that you can whip up in about half an hour so there are no excuses, so next time you are wasting time scrolling though instagram or facey, about to pop a ready meal in the microwave- use your time more sensibly and get cooking, because the time you spend on social media is time that you could be spending on preparing proper wholesome food, try it- its really empowering and theraputic.

I always think with food and cooking it’s all about getting creative and I use recipes for inspo, for taking ideas and then making them my own and putting my own twist on it- it’s important to have confidence in the kitchen to try something new or take risks and don’t limit yourself to the same meals every week; try something different that you may not even think you’d like- you’ll surprise yourself!

PS- Pic to come soon i’m going to make it again this weekend, I am never tempted to make a recipe unless I can see what it looks like!!

10 Healthy Snack Hacks

I find it really hard to go a long time between meals if i’m going to be totally honest so I love a good healthy snack. I am the healthy snack queen always equipped with fruit and nut mix or seeds or nakd bars to get me through the day. I’m a nightmare when i’m hungry too, like next level hangry, it ain’t pretty and I get really aggy, feel light headed and really sicky and headachey (I’m such a princess *cringe *) Also I love food and eating, its one of my fave hobbies (oink oink).

Sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks, because a lot of them are like wolves in sheeps clothing and it’s a total minefield! Sneaky wannabe-healthy bars pretending to be healthy because they have the word ‘natural’ plastered all over them, but I’M NOT FOOLED and you should not be either because this is what they want, to trick you! And don’t even get me started on protein bars because they are the worst, full of weird additives that no ones really heard of and they taste really synthetic and if you think for one moment that you can be #healthy whilst chomping on a jaffa cake flavoured whey protein bar you can think again my friend, you can think again. Plus the fact its basically daylight robbery because they’re like 3 quid a pop, your so much better off buying some nuts or fresh fruit and veg or something along those lines. Something whole, natural and unprocessed.

So, I am going to give you some easy, cheap, on-the-go alternatives to take with you wherever you go or keep in your desk at work so whenever you feel hungry it doesn’t have to break the bank:

  • 1) Drink water- I know this isn’t a snack by any means, BUT hear me out- a lot of the time you might be dehydrated and mistake that feeling for hunger so have a drink of water and see how you feel. (This takes ALOT of willpower though and I don’t always practice what I preach when it comes to this piece of advice). Aaaand if your like me and defo still need a snack then snack away but please remember portion control!
  • 2) 1 cut up apple, sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with nut butter (I opt for the pip & nut brand because every single nut butter they make just tastes soooo good!)-trust me on this, it’s UNREAL. Cinnamon gives the apple more sweetness and it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, apples are so underrated in terms of how good they are for you (remember the saying- an apple a day keeps the dr away?) Overall this is a really well balanced healthy snack that will tide you over between meals.
  • 3) A handful of almonds or a sachet of almond butter- I love almonds, to me they taste like marzipan (duhhh go figure cos marzipan is made out of almonds) but still I think they’re super yummy and I never leave the house without them. They provide: plant protein, fibre, healthy fats, zinc (good for the immune system) & magnesium which reduces tiredness. Almond butter has all these benefits plus the added benefit that is actually tastes so yummy you’d think that it couldn’t possibly be healthy. But it is. Just be careful not to overindulge because trust me, it is so easily done.
  • 4) Oatcakes with hummus- Oatcakes are amazing because they’re full of fibre (the benefits of fibre are mentioned in a previous post), and complex carbs which keep you going and keep you fuller for longer so they really help to silence those pesky hunger pangs. Hummus is made from chickpeas, which are a great source of protein and again contain lots of fibre and complex carbs, they also contain iron, B6 & magnesium.
  • 5)Boiled eggs with spinach- eggs are an amazing staple in any diet with numerous benefits, the main being a good source of protein and fats. Spinach contains iron, vitamin K which is involved in blood coagulation, and nitric acid which has been associated with enhanced physical performance meaning this is a great pre- workout snack.
  • 6) Full fat plain greek yoghurt- steer clear from the fat free rubbish because that’s not what nature intended, full fat does not mean it’s got any fat added or anything, it’s literally how the product is meant to be. Plus low fat yog tastes gross and is full of really odd tasting synthetic sweetners which are not healthy at all. Full fat (normal) yoghurt is a great source of fat and protein- we need fat in our diet and consequently- low fat diets can be extremely dangerous as without fat you can’t absorb fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E&K). Fat is a vital macro-nutrient but it’s about consuming the correct types and being ‘fat smart’. Ps greek yoghurt, honey and berries is a great combo.
  • 7) Guac or avocado drizzled with lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of salt. Simple but effective and hits the spot everytime. Try putting it on a spelt cracker (the Dr Kargs ones from Sainos or Waitrose are really delicious) Spelt is the old form of wheat, it’s less processed therefore easier to digest and its full of fibre, too.
  • 8) A portion of cheese with a handful of walnuts and a couple of dates/figs- this such a winning combo and super satisfying.
  • 9)Olives- I LOVE snacking on marinated olives, they taste delicious and are jam packed full of healthy fats, antioxidants and could play a role in reducing inflammation
  • 10) A brownie/ slice of cake/ chocolate/crisps/ a takeaway/whatever the f***k you want- sometimes the healthier option is to listen to your body and if you fancy something ‘unhealthy’ let yourself have it, but in reasonably sensible amounts because if you restrict yourself or have some nuts or hummus instead your going to end up eating it anyway and you will probably consume 10x more than you would usually eat because you denied yourself from eating what you were actually craving, and then you’ll feel guilty and the cycle starts all over again. Just eat it, and make sure your next meal is a healthy one with an extra serving of veggies.

What I Eat In A Typical Day (& reasons why)

I, for one, LOVE watching these ‘what I eat in a day’ vidoes on youtube and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only wierdo who does enjoy binging them given the amount of these on youtube. Not sure why I’m loving them atm but maybe because i’m really rather nosy and its super interesting to have a snap shot of how people eat, what they eat and why. Plus you can get lots of food inspo. And because I don’t have a YouTube channel to upload my vlogs to, I thought maybe I could just do few blog posts on it to give you readers an idea as to what a nutritionist in training eats on a typical day.

First things first, I love food. I love eating food and when I’m not eating food i’m 100% thinking about food or my planning next meal (jeeez I need to get out more and get a life). I come from a very foodie family so i’m just going to blame them and my upbringing; being surrounded by yummy food. So I cant help it i’m merely just a victim here!

As much as I enjoy eating healthy and ‘clean’ (I hate that term but you know what I mean- unprocessed whole foods) I’m only human and I sometimes fall of the wagon, nah im not even going to use that term for it because that implies some foods are bad and some are good and I really do not think that will ever ever ever encourage a healthy rleationship with food, which I am a huge advocate of. What I mean is, sometimes I treat myself and have a dominos and you know what? I really really bloody enjoy it and I dont even feel guilty after I just feel really smug that I can inhale it an totally feel at peace with myself because I know my next meal will be healthy and ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE.

This is my mantra and what I tell people all the time if they ask ‘do you ever eat crap???’ The answer is a resounding yes and ‘what’s not good for your body is good for your soul’. Now I don’t mean a maccy d’s everyday is okay so take this mantra at face value and for what it is.

Anyway, I digress (I do this alot, sorry!). What was this post even about?…ah yes i remember now. Ok, here goes.

Breakfast: I woke up STARVING as per usual because i’m one hungry human. I decided to have something really substantial with a lot of sustenance so I opted for porridge with seeds and added oat bran for more fibre. I always try and get as much fibre as possible in my diet because it’s so vital for overall wellbeing (it can decrease cholesterol) and it is fantastic for gut health because our gut bacteria break fibre down and they release short chain fatty acids (such as butyric acid) which serves as fuel for our colonic cells so we are actually nourishing and looking after our our gut by eating fibre. I mixed in fresh raspberries so it went pink and boosted thr antioxidant content and i looove raspberries. With porridge it’s alllll about the toppings so I added flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and almond butter- upping my healthy fats to increase feelings of satiety and these are all sources of plant protein and again, fibre. This is a great, cheap, filling and super nutritious breakfast and you can mix it up with loads of different toppings, like cacao power in to make it chocolate-y, sometimes I swirl in coconut oil (it tastes SO nice)and cook banana in it so it melts in and its so yummy and even more filling.

Lunch: One of my fave lunches to make, its pretty easy and requires virtually no cooking skills (actually i always make something like a salad or eggs for lunch because its quick and easy, or if i’m out and about i pre make a salad with some sort of grain and protein to increase its staying power) Avo and eggs on wholemeal seeded bread, I find this meal SO satisfying and delicious and ofc super healthy, eggs are so versatile; you can make an omlette with loads of other veggies, or poach them, scramble them etc… I never get bored of them. They are also so good for you, a really good cheap protein source. Top tip: most of the nutrients is in the egg yolk, so don’t be one of those trevor-try-hards and chuck it away to have a ‘6 egg white omlette’ cos lets be honest its boring and gross and a waste of yolks which are the best bit, also you sound like a total wanker and you will be judged, very hard, by people who actually know about food and nutrition because you clearly don’t. For instance: it’s a very good source of ‘choline’ which is vital in DNA synthesis and important in the making of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (involved in sleep functions and muscle contractions- so is pretty important). It also contains cholesterol which I know is a scary word for many people and may freak you out but honestly it’s extremely important in the human body, it is part of every single cell membrane to give structure and rigidity. Our body makes it and when we eat too much our body just makes a bit less of it- god aren’t our bodies clever? Avocados- I love them, so much. Nuff said. They’re full of healthy fats, fibre and are also a complete protein (meaning they have all the essential amino acids for protein synthesis), they keep me so full because I seem to get hungry like every ten minutes, I tend to drizzle then with olive oil (more good fats and antioxidants) and pop a little rock or salt on (this pink salt malarkey is kinda BS but it looks sooo pretty so i do kind of understand) et voila. *Sidenote- people are also scared of salt, don’t be, just don’t have too much or too little because too little can cause really horrible side effects. Plus, salt makes food taste delicious, just stay away from the super processed crap.

Dinner: Anchovy salad with brown rice, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, little more avocado with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. I also had pan fried asparagus on the side because I love asparagus and its also a prebiotic. Prebiotics are different from probiotics and I shall explain: Prebiotics are compounds in food which make your gut a really nice cosy welcoming place for your bacteria to live- prebiotics are food for the good bacteria. You want to feed these little guys because the relationship is reciprocal, you look after them ad they will look after you. Then you have probiotics which are the bugs, the good guys that you want in your digestive tract and you want lots of different types because the more diverse, the better.

I love anchovies (yes I know that makes me a wierdo in some peoples eyes but honestly I love them), theyre a good source of protein and healthy fats and great in salads!! They are an acquired taste and I totally get why people detest them, so have tuna instead or salmon and if you don’t like fish, then grow up, hahaa no i’m kidding, have some chicken instead or cardboard if your a vegan or whatever. Sorry but I have no patience for preachy vegans they really do my swede in so no hard feelings but this blog isn’t very vegan friendly, but each to their own it’s all down to personal preference and I respect peoples dietary choices just dont bang on about how your saving the planet with your almond milk because your not. At all. And soy is really bad for the planet too so you think your being sustainable but your really not your just being a sheep.

I also do snack throughout the day which I have not mentioned here- the sole reason being that I will do a separate post dedicated to healthy snacking and give you guys some inspo!